Your privacy is important to us and we will not do anything to violate your trust. 
We treat all customer information as strictly confidential.

We collect these sorts of information on this website:

  • Your personal details required to complete a transaction for the purposes of delivery. All personal details relating to the transaction are handled separately and securely on the Secure Trading platform.
  • Anonymous aggregate information about vists to this website (this cannot be associated with a particular user).
  • Your e-mail address if passed to us for inclusion on our mailing list.

We take the security of this site very seriously and have taken great care to ensure that we use the most up-to-date security devices available.

If you look at the URL of the payment page you will notice that it begins with https://. This means that it is on a secure server and all transactions that take place are encrypted between your browser and the server, which means your card details are protected. Nobody is able to obtain your credit card details or other information.

We use SecureTrading’s online payment system, which is the most sophisticated available. All financial transactions are processed securely behind protected firewalls, allowing the safe processing of your card payment with the bank. Financial details are never left unencrypted on any part of the system, and are never sent by Internet email.